Diffability - Celebrating Ability with a Difference

21st September 2016

We are launching our new project and everyone is invited! The launch event is called Diffability and will include dancers from Exim and Wheelfever dance companies – there will also be a lively performance from Funky Llama artist DJ Dolphin – a rapper with a difference.

The event is taking place on the 21st September at the Plymouth School of Creative Arts, in The Red House theatre space at 6pm. Tickets are free but you need to book your place online at Eventbrite  – go to www.eventbrite.co.uk and search for ‘Plymouth Diffability’. Tickets are first come, first served. We would like to thank Plymouth City Council and the Plymouth Drake Foundation for helping to make this event possible through their PCC Diverse Communities Small Grants for Events Fund.

Janet Wise, one of our Directors, says: “We’re launching our ‘Who’s working well with autism – the Plymouth Audit’ project with the help of some amazingly creative people with disabilities – people tend to think that people with disabilities can’t do certain things, but our invited performers and presenters will dispel this myth. Autism is a disability that’s often hidden so some people may think this is not a ‘real’ disability – it’s so important we dispel this myth too. Greater understanding of disabilities including autism and how they affect lives would make the world a much better place for everyone.”

Rob de Jong, also a Director, says: “If you are on the autism spectrum or support someone with autism, either as a carer or as a service professional, we would really love to meet you. Please come along and start to get involved in the project. Our aim is to map the services already on offer and in collaboration with people on the spectrum and with service providers, highlight gaps in provision. This way we can better help people in Plymouth with autism enjoy a great quality of life”.

Plymouth offers fantastic opportunities for disabled and non-disabled dancers to work together and ‘Diffability’ will give a taster of that huge talent. Exim Dance Company’s Laura Henry will be bringing ADAPT young dancers who meet weekly and develop skills in contemporary dance and choreography, helping to raise confidence and aspirations. Paula Hocking, Dance Director for Wheelfever, said: “We think creatively to provide opportunities for people who may otherwise struggle with traditional dance forms and mainstream methods of teaching. Mentoring and coaching disabled dancers who might not traditionally get the chance to train is also important at Wheelfever”.

Funky Llama are showcasing our talented rapper DJ Dolphin. Funky Llama is a Theatre Royal project which mentors DJ Dolphin in partnership with Plymouth Music Zone. DJ Dolphin is passionate about sharing her experiences of autism through music and has now performed to over 3000 people and is being booked for national gigs.


We’ll also be joined by Jack Whitfield from Autism Assemble, a local social enterprise who are bringing people on the spectrum together to help with education, employment and support services. Please come along to share autism stories and help us raise our aspirations and expectations for people with autism in Plymouth.

It would be great if you could get involved!